Hey survivalist, so it looks like we will be getting a few more added to the ranks of the walking dead once Alpha 13 arrives. From what was said on Joel’s Dev blog and the images I have, it appears that 5 new zombies are in the works and as long as all goes well they will likely pop up into the next build. It’s kinda funny the new artist has taken a liking to a few and began giving them names with a little back story. All the new zombies are in HD now but I would think that is to be expected with Unity 5 now in full effect.

Here are the images so far of the new crew what do you guys think of them?

As always we look forward to more updates from the Fun Pimps and 7 Days to Die. If you would go check out their official site at 7daystodie.com or you can always check back here at PowerLeveled.