Hey Survivalist, have you all been enjoying Alpha 12 as much as I have? Alpha 12.4 is here and get ready a for change that only makes sense. As we all know one way to make 7 Days to die feel a little more like an MMO was to add recipes to it. I mean let’s face it not all of us can make a 44 magnum from scratch without learning how first, but now it seems to be overwhelming the amount of books that are scattered around to loot. To fix this Joel Huenink and his team at The Fun Pimps reached out to the the players for a solution to get rid of a common book that became over abundant. The forge ahead book, I know you’re thinking how can they get rid of this? Well they decided to make the forge a common knowledge item but increase the recipe so that its not so simple to acquire.

This first item you will need to construct is a bellows to do this you will need 8 wood planks, 4 animal hides and one small pipe. The hardest part will be to gather the animal hides, not that this is extremely difficult just not something you might be able to do on day one. Below is an image of the billows recipe.

The second half of the recipe is now to build your new forge. To do this you will need 24 small stones, 1 clay, 1 small pipe and 1 bellows. This actually makes the recipe seem more realistic and I can completely agree with this change. Below is an image of the forge recipe.

As with all of their patch updates they are quite a few changes and bug fixes, below is a copy of the official release notes.

Official Alpha 12.4 Release Notes


  • Added block shapes for modular chain link fence
  • Added check on minibike part loading to ensure partless bikes are destroyed over the net
  • Added bellows item and recipe.


  • Changed weight of cloth back to 1, and changed recipe of bandages to require 2 cloth, that way all cloth items can be right click scrapped yet there is no xp exploit
  • Changed weather forests have less chance to rain. All biomes have a chance to be overcast but not rain. Deserts have a rare chance of rain. Snow biomes have a chance to be clear.
  • Changed logs now burn for 3 minutes and planks burn for 10 seconds and wood debris burns for 30 seconds for easy math
  • Changed crossbow bolts have the same damage
  • Changed can now see exact damage on ammo if matching weapon is the currently selected belt slot
  • Changed forge ahead book no longer needed to make a forge
  • Changed removed forge ahead book from loot.xml The book still exists until A13 so we don’t break save games, but it is useless
  • Changed recipe of forge to use bellows, a short metal pipe, small stones and clay
  • Changed reduced amounts of hide you get from animals
  • Changed arrowheads to use sack model instead of ingot model


  • Fixed spike traps upgraded to themselves
  • Fixed Crosshair animation when player moves
  • Fixed certain blocks(wood window & opened steel door) are too big and prevent placement of blocks
  • Fixed trap a zombie with a wood frame
  • Fixed spawn near my bedroll was broken
  • Fixed handheld item lost if you equip an item from a container (full backpack and toolbelt)
  • Fixed free instant XP without wasting material
  • Fixed crafting grid output bugged after inventory was full
  • Fixed all arrows are labeled as broken
  • Fixed flashlight swallowed when using attaching via crafting grid
  • Fixed enforcer magazine not stating it teaches the 44 magnum
  • Fixed drop on death delete all not working properly
  • Fixed rocket launcher mesh showing when it should only be showing the rocket mesh
  • Fixed crafting menu not updating real time
  • Fixed key mapping problematic in non-default cases
  • Fixed sawed off shotgun grip had no burn time
  • Fixed the minibike disappearing like a scared turtle
  • Fixed the minibike disappeared after taking tires off
  • Fixed save game does not save your minibike
  • Fixed Null Ref NGUI
  • Fixed trailer Park in Navezgane covered by sandrocks
  • Fixed trick key use to reuse eat/drink/use infinitely
  • Fixed fat zombie cop collision
  • Fixed Stealth A9.3 vs A12.1
  • Fixed steel and Iron arrow head now use sack model instead of ingot model
  • Fixed zombies show texts as loot containers (untouched, nothing and empty)
  • Fixed feral horde did not arrive
  • Fixed crafting uses too many resources at once
  • Fixed auger continues to idle without gas
  • Fixed zombies dying on fire (excluding torch fire) causing argument exception
  • New DayLight Length times – always sunset at 10:00PM so players always know when zombies will run
  • Fixed windows punching through fog in the distance
  • Fixed cutout wall lamp transparency against sky
  • Fixed screen blood left/right direction
  • Fixed a few env audio fade bugs and load hitch when crossing biomes
  • Fixed sniper rifle bugged super zoom on multiple right clicking
  • Fixed a rare error when shutting down a game server right after a player left who was connected through Steam Networking
  • Fixed the triple lindy flying hatch from the forums
  • Fixed mini bike headlight/horn react to their keybinds when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed confusing campfire – not sure about this one
  • Fixed console errors on rented dedi servers
  • Fixed exc array index is out of range
  • Fixed crafting delay on closing backpack at the wrong time
  • Fixed right click drop simultaneously press mouse buttons to dupe
  • Fixed stone crossbow bolts now get quality range from weapon


As always we look forward to all the updates from the Fun Pimps for 7 Days to Die you can check out their official site 7daystodie.com or always check back here for at PowerLeveled for the latest news.