Good morning Survivalist,

So this looks like another quick patch to fix some of the anti-cheat features that have recently been added to the game as well as a new Dedi version. Note: the version number has not increased for the client it still reads Alpha 9.3 and Alpha 9.2 is the rollback version. Both the client and server are compatible with old saved games and network games.Good news is that The Fun Pimps have started working on controller support for the game this is exciting news if your having one of those lazy days and just feel like kicking back and playing some 7DtD.

The best news with this patch is that Alpha 10 is just around the corner and I can’t  wait to try some of the new features. Our characters are finally going to get to wear different cloths so we can distinguish our selves from on another. I know its not character customization but that is coming soon. There is also a slew of buff system updates, Zombie horde system can we say scout zombies, oh and lets not forget flaming arrows that will light the zombies on fire!!

So just like always I have included the patch updates down below hope to have more news for you all next week or so when we get the next patch update.


Official Alpha 9.3X Hotfix Release Notes


  • Controller support using 3rd party mapping tools is now compatible with EAC. Note: We will be officially supporting native USB controllers in the future.
  • Support of the latest versions of the 3rd party capture programs like Fraps, Dxtory, Shadowplay and others are now supported with EAC

Alpha 10 Status

Folks we’re working hard on Alpha 10 which is a few weeks out yet. Alpha 10 will include the following items:

  • Character system framework with new better looking male and female base mesh characters and a slew of clothing and armor models that can now be seen on the players. Note: full character customization profile creation will be coming after alpha 10.
  • Buff System 2.0 Framework which will allow for buffs to affect other buffs, buffs to play sounds and particle effects and buffs to be applied to zombies. For example we now make flaming arrows that light zombies on fire.
  • Zombie Horde System 2.0 which will feature sounds, smells and light events that feed into the world horde heat map which when triggered will spawn horde scouts you must avoid or kill before they call the horde to your location.
  • More AI and pathing improvements with our new zombie sight crumb system
  • New better looking model doors that change states better when damaged, repaired or upgraded.
  • Server optimizations for better performance and more players.
  • First pass of zombie mocap animations if things go well.

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