John Salter of Oakland, Ohio just set a world record for the longest amount of time spent playing an arcade game on a single quarter – 85 hours.

While playing the 1980’s arcade title, “Armor Attack”, John stretched the limits of human function, working on just a single quarter for exactly 85 hours and 16 minutes. Beating out a former record by nearly half an hour, Mr. Salter took out former record holder George Leuts’ title once held by playing Q*Bert about one year ago.

Having played Armor Attack as his title of choice, John Salter also broke through the score ceiling, demolishing a World Record for high score as well. Raking up 2,211,990 points, Mr. Salter grabbed up 10% more points than the previous record for highest score of 2,009,000 – a record held strong since September 25 of 1982.

Playing for a high score on the side of picking up the world’s time record, John began playing Armor Attack last Wednesday and played through Saturday, working for over three days to grab the victory. In order to compensate for his loss of sleep, John strategically worked up the number of extra lives in his reserve to allow for bathroom breaks and short naps to keep his mind fresh for the world time record on a single quarter. This contrasts to the score record that Q*Bert holder George Leuts was looking for – he doesn’t have the same luxuries while striving for the high score in Q*Bert, and both contestants actually only happened to break opposing records over their two, three day gaming runs.

While playing Armor Attack may never reach the high score ceiling that Q*Bert racks up, everyone loves a good run for the title of their favorite game, and there is no better feeling than taking the crown on an arcade cabinet – especially when Guinness is there to give you a World Record title to prove it.