Announced today as the next “entry level” handheld, Nintendo has just detailed the upcoming 2DS. Scheduled to launch this October along side the next Pokemon title, this slate style DS will do everything your 3DS can do today – except for the 3D.


Having undergone a drastic design change from what were used to with the DS brand, the 2DS will be the first of the series of handhelds laid out flat. This hinge-less design will have all of the features and buttons you can expect on the 3DS, but lack the slider for the 3D option. Given that there is not a clamshell design, the 3D slider will now be replaced with a “sleep” slider, allowing you to put the device to sleep even though you cannot close it like you may have been used to. As a final hardware change to note, the 2DS will not feature a WiFi switch. WiFi can now be turned off with the built-in software option only.

The 2DS will launch in red and blue models and will be sold as a more economical option to the standard 3DS and 3DS XL. The 2DS will still feature a dual-camera setup on the rear, so players will be capable of playing augmented reality games. Coming to stores at an initial cost of $129, the 2DS will pack in a 4 GB SD card, as well as the standard 3DS style charger. For more details on the 2DS and it’s features, check out the official Nintendo video below: