Our Staff:

Mike “Frost” Polinder — Chief Executive Officer, Managing Editor
Mike-AboutMike is a car enthusiast and former Xbox fanboy turned “true gamer”. Taking on the leadership role as owner of PowerLeveled LLC., Mike stands as the flame which keeps the fire burning on the editorial candle.


Joseph “TheVisionEx” Madding — Chief Operating Officer, Editor-In-Chief
joe-aboutHaving spent more than 10 years working with the Adobe Master Suite, my primary role on PowerLeveled involves the day-to-day operations of the website. I will make any and all design changes, from template to logo, as well as spend time with the staff to understand the workings of the website on both the front-end and back. As a Grammar Nazi, I also frequently review our articles for quality content, teaching the staff of PowerLeveled anything that I can – one bit at a time. I spend time working with my writers, videocasters and shoutcasters on improving themselves and their analytics [hits] on a minimum, weekly basis. I am social media connected, but you can follow my primary activity on Facebook and Twitter here


Kyle “Ar3s” Lambert — Editor, Live Streamer

Steve “Stevefantisy” Jeffreys — Editor, Live Streamer, Host of “Nerd-Dom Weekly”
SteveI’ll take a weekly look with my hit new webshow “Nerd-dom Weekly Rap-up” about all things nerdy from Video games to Comic books to Movies. Join me as I delve into the craziness that is “Nerd-dom”
You can also stalk me on Facebook: /Stevefantisy, Twitter: @Stevefantisy, YouTube: /Stevefantisy1, or Google+: /Stevefantisy.[divider]

Keone “JackTrauma” Young — Editor
Keone-AboutHailing from California and gaming since Pac-Man was the pinnacle of home video technology, Keone has harbored a long time love for gaming and all that comes with it. “The first game to ever really grasp me into its filthy sweet claws was Westwood’s Command and Conquer, followed by Dune/2000. Both strategy games and both more addicting then chocolate cake! After that, it was Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy which I played when I was little, but it was more of an OCD need to finish a game then a pull from the actual story. I didn’t play RPGs for story until Final Fantasy 7, and really – who didn’t love that game?”

Gaming isn’t all that he holds near and dear to his heart, Keone also holds a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and has held high positions in kitchens across California (god help them all). “Family, friends, gaming and food…and pizza…oh and Mt. Dew. They’re in a category all in their own. Don’t judge me…”[divider]

Lewis “Hi3i” Iverson — Live Streamer, Shoutcaster
Lewis-AboutLewis has no filter. You’ll find Lewis, as the head of Button Mashers, he is passionate about fighting games and has been active on the scene since the launch of the first Mortal Kombat. Lewis participates in competitive play, and his competitive nature shines through in frantic outbursts on his live stream. Those looking for entertainment on the fighting scene should look no further.[divider]

Shawn “LordUnderpants” McCann — Editor, Live Streamer