Sitting within the top five mobile phone service providers in China, building some of the top MMORPG titles in the region, Snail Games has a lot of capital to work with. So much in fact, the company will release an all-new console to the UK. Hosting industry-first features, the console will be ready with more power under the hood than any console before it, hitting the US in the third quarter of 2015 – Europe coming in 2016.

Having a background in games development, and a great deal of funding, Snail Games plans to take on Microsoft and Sony heads up with a clear branding targeted at console gamers. Launching the upcoming console “OBox” in Europe early next year, China will come out swinging with new and innovative hardware unlike anything we’ve seen before, but what makes it so special? First of, the OBox doesn’t step into the market with a limited list of games. Running on the Android OS, many of the independent titles that have been embraced on the PS4 and Xbox One could reach out to the new platform with ease and relatively low overhead cost. Secondly and more importantly, this Android-based console will do something unheard of, allowing users to upgrade the console itself, much in the same way that we upgrade our PC today.

In speaking with MCVUK, the director for business development at Snail Games USA, Dan Doughty had this to say about the upcoming console,

“We’re trying to push the technology again in a way that it’s not being pushed,”

“Video games used to be synonymous with pushing the leading edge of technology – that’s really fallen by the wayside.

“Now PCs are pushing the video gaming environment because the consoles don’t do it, and mobile devices aren’t capable of doing it.”

“The Xbox One and PS4 are already two generations behind in processing data and video. They will four or five generations behind by their end-of-life. That’s not acceptable in a technology-driven world.”

While Doughty accepted the fact that Call of Duty won’t hit the console at launch, it is expected to come to the console, and presumably other Android consoles, though the Ouya isn’t ready for the graphic intensity like the upgrade-capable OBox is. Initial offerings in the OBox show the following specs:

Standard configuration – K1 TD570D 2.0GHz quad-core, 4G RAM, 4G ROM.

Premium configuration: K1 TD575D 2.2GHz quad-core, 4G RAM, 4G ROM.

Each configuration will also feature ports for “a 2.5”/3.5” compatible SATA HDD.” and fully replaceable motherboard, processor board, multi-media board and HDD board. In the years to come, rather than replacing the entire system you can simply upgrade these boards to adjust for more memory, a new processor and more as needed. Launching initially with a high quality option, you won’t be held back by low performance in 2017, 2018 and onward with an upgrade-ready console experience. For a full specs run-down, check out the details below and keep it locked to PowerLeveled for more news on the OBox and all the fantastic gaming options coming available on the market today.

Android KK 4.4
Removable design, NVIDIA processor
K1 TD570D 2.0GHz Quad-core ARMv7 32-bit A15 CPU
28nm TSMC,RAM4GB,ROM4GB (Option 1)
K1 TD575D 2.2GHz Quad-core ARMv7 32-bit A15 CPU
28nm TSMC,RAM4GB,ROM4GB (Option 2)
SATA HDD 500GB \5400rpm \ 2.5”(Option 1)
1TB \5400rpm \ 2.5”(Option 2)
1TB\7200rpm \ 3.5”(Option 3)
4TB\7200rpm \ 3.5”(Option 4)
Video Decode 4Kx2K 30fps
Video Encode 4Kx2K 30fps H.265
Video Playback Format AVI,TS,TP,TRP,VOB,MKV,MP4, MOV,ISO,WMV,
Audio Playback Format MP3,WAV,WMA,AC3,DTS,OGG,AAC,LPCM,
HDMI TYPE A Output * 1 Support 4K output, for external TV display device
MHL Output * 1 Support MHL2.0
HDMI TYPE A Output * 3 Supported by multi-media flashboard (Optional)
5.1 Multi-Channel Output Supported by multi-media flashboard (Optional)
USB HOST * 3 USB2.0 *2 ; 3.0 * 1;
Buzzer Supported
LED Indicator Power indicator, front panel pulse lighting effect DIY
Power Key Supported, touch button
Internet Interface (RJ45) 10M / 100M Auto-negotiation
Wi-Fi/BT Wi-Fi 802.11ac/abgn 2.4G/5G & 2.4G BT 4.0
Audio Output Support SPDIF output
A/C Adapter China/Europe/US Certified
AC100-240V 50-60HZ Input
19V 45W DC Output
Security Anti-root, CPU security lock