ArenaNet is proud to unveil a new interactive website dedicated to chronicling the living world of Guild Wars 2: the Living World Atlas!

As you explore the Atlas you’ll find reminders of past events and glimpses of what the future might hold. Explore the interactive map of Tyria full of clues and secrets. You’ll also discover art, sound files, and more!

Visit the Living World Atlas today to start unraveling the secrets behind Guild Wars 2!

What is all this you say? It’s another way to keep players involved with the living world of Tyria. ArenaNet has created a site with an interactive world map where players will hunt around for clues related to the ever growing story event; Battle for Lion’s Arch. As you find these clues they may take you to other websites that have a piece of the story there and a clue leading you to the next, or quite possibly a new cut scene. So play around with it and help them with this new endeavor.