This guide has been updated to reflect the Japanese Beta Program. Click here for a fully free option, launched on the 8th of March, 2015.

If you’re looking through some of the most beautiful character creation that exists in video games today and wondering to yourself, “How do I get this game,” you’re not alone. Here’s a guide on how to play Black Desert, currently in Open Beta phase in the Korean region.

As an open admirer of the beauty in Black Desert Online, I’ve spent weeks trying to work my way into the Beta test through emails, and open inquiry. As the new year is just around the corner, or beginning now around the world, I’ve set out to not only create a sufficient guide on how to access the game today, but join in with those players already enjoying Black Desert.

A few basic things should be understood before proceeding. First, this game is rated as an 18+ title in Korea. Second and more importantly, in Korea this means that you have to prove you’re over 18 to play it – even digitally. As the game is currently only released in the Korean region, Black Desert Online will look to authenticate your age each time you first load the game client – something they associate with the Daum company.

As a Daum enabled title, your Daum account will be the most important thing you can have to play this game, along with a reasonable amount of computer intuition. Not only will you be working with an entirely Korean login system, you won’t be reading English when the title loads either. For now Black Desert Online should be attempted to be used by those willing to learn the hard way, because it’s not projected to release in North America, and by extension the English language until possibly 2016. As another wall, Daum accounts want to make sure that you live in Korea as well, not just that you’re a Korean citizen. There is naturally a way around all of this so that you can play along side my characters and others in the world of Black Desert.

The first wall, the Daum account. This is absolutely the most difficult thing to access, and will require payment. Those not interested in paying to play Black Desert ahead of its North American launch should look away now. Now I’m not the kind of person to use vendors or even Ebay for an MMORPG account purchase, but this method doesn’t purchase an existing account, just the ability to prove that you’re a Korean. Basically, what you’re buying with the Daum account is someone’s consent to use their identity – like asking your Korean mom if it’s OK to buy Call of Duty. After some research, I took to Newgameway who were slinging accounts for $10. I’ve spent more than that on Final Fantasy re-releases this month, so I went for it and I would recommend doing so to anyone. Keep in mind that this process is also the longest wait you’ll have as they have to create your entire Daum account for you here, including mobile verification and some other nonsense. I tried creating my own Daum account before purchasing one and it’s an arduous process.

Edit [8th February, 2015]: It has come to my attention that the process while working with Newgameway is taking longer than usual. Based on the ever-rising number of views PowerLeveled is picking up for this article, I think that may be the result of a supply-demand issue. Please don’t misunderstand what Daum does here, as purchasing this account is like purchasing someone’s Social Security number, or other government ID for the use of playing a game. I imagine that this isn’t as easy as it seems, and that might be the cause of delays. I am not an affiliate of Newgameway, that just worked for me. If there is continued issues with this method, you may want to refund the PayPal transaction at your discretion and look for another website for picking up a Daum account. I found many forums with similar sales, but none were this cheap.

After waiting for a few hours and logging in with your newly created account on the site above, it’s time to work on how to download the game. It should be noted that I had an extended wait time in picking up my account because this vendor sleeps between 3 AM and 12 PM [Noon] their local time, which is GMT +8. If you live in the USA, don’t process an order between about Noon-10 PM or 9 AM-7 PM for Pacific Time Zones. If you’re in the U.K. and other parts of Europe, don’t look for this service between 5 PM and 3 AM. Typically this vendor says that had I ordered during their working hours I should receive my account within the hour. [I bought in about three hours before they were online.]

Getting started with the initial downloading client, you’ll want to head to the official site where two download mirrors are straight atop the page in huge black rectangles. Either of these mirrors will begin your download of the client. Loading this client will force you to hit your first two-step authentication. This authentication will happen every time you load the client, where you will need to be logged into your Daum account on the official website before hand as well as to look like a Korean citizen to their authenticator. Bookmark the download page to make loading up the game faster later on as we highlight how to look like you’re in Korea.

Some of you may think that being a Korean citizen on the internet required a VPN tunnel [Virtual Private Network] with a Korean connection. Lucky for us, Google is apparently not considered a nationality, and we can pretend to be Google in a few simple steps, without making your computer connect to the other side of the world – Daum doesn’t filter out this Google connection, you see?

Using the method picked up off of, this picture highlights how to fix your internet connection to look like you’re making the request on behalf of Google for your connection with Daum. Follow the steps to the letter, especially on the Command Prompt and you’ll be able to download Black Desert Online in no time.


Now, assuming you’re through all of the hurdles to playing, we’re ready to go with Black Desert Online. Being logged into the Daum website, loading up the client and downloading the game itself, you’ll probably be interested on if your PC can handle what you’re about to throw at it. Here are the PC specs for playing Black Desert Online:

Processor – Intel Core i3/Intel Core i5
Hard Disk – 40 GB free space, 18 GB installation after completion
Memory – 4GB RAM/6GB RAM
Graphics Card – [Minimum] GTS 250/GeForce 9800 GTX/Radeon HD 3870 X2 [Recommended] GTX 650/GTX 550Ti/Radeon HD 7770, 6770
Operating System – 32-bit or 64-bit or higher Win7/8

These specifications are listed in Minimum/Required format, where Graphics cards are detailed.

If you’re dedication to the installation reaches this far, you’re on your way to playing one of the most beautiful MMORPG titles ever created. As your prize, check out the amazing depth that your character can be manipulated in posing for a picture as well as an official character creation video. It’s simply incredible the detail of Black Desert Online’s customization system.

For those who ran into hiccups, remember that you must be logged into your Daum account through the internet browser and launch the game from there. If you haven’t got popups enabled for their website, you’re going to have a bad time. I took a few runs around the loop of being logged into their site and confirming that I wanted to download the add-on required to launch before it worked properly – that’s on account of not being able to read in Korean. Additionally, if you keep getting a popup on the client while attempting to patch, you’ve got a bad connection – they think that you’re not in Korea, or you’re on a flagged IP. Try reconnecting with a VPN and everything should move along smoothly. The biggest hurdle really may be IP connection issues if you’re not good with VPN, or you’re trying to use common VPN connections. Following the steps above will do the rest of the work for you. Enjoy, and come back for guides on Black Desert Online soon, right here on