Officially announced at the last BlizzCon, Blizzard is making the jump into the shooter space with “Overwatch.” While the title enjoyed a fair reception by its fans, the same can’t be said by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As a team-based multiplayer FPS with a similar feeling to Team Fortress, Overwatch is enjoying fair fan reception, but not so much positive energy from the USPTO. Having recently suspended Blizzard’s application for a trademark on the Overwatch brand, the trademark office claims a “likelihood of confusion” with another trademark already in place.

Competing directly with a trademark currently sought out by Innovis Labs, Blizzard’s coming FPS will be debated heads-up with “a tactical utility to enhance airsoft, paintball and first-person shooter gameplay events.” With an application “inspired by classic first-person shooter video games,” Innovis Labs’ application has also been suspended in time to face Overwatch heads-up only one can come out on top. Both companies will be asked to further detail their trademarks in order to succeed in filing with more specificity, or one will have to change.