If you’re a fan of high speed competitive play, the development group at Bloober Team is rewarding fans of their company with a Bomberman-like title that could be free if you’ve purchased titles they produced in the past.

This Polish development team is looking to make fans of us all with their upcoming release “Brawl”. Set as a Bomberman style title in a MOBA scene, Bloober Team is looking to make the very best and edgiest party game ever on PS4. Featuring creepy overtones with classic game play and a fresh twist, Brawl will release some time in 2015 and will cost you exactly ZERO DOLLARS if you’ve already paid for “Basement Crawl” on your PlayStation 4.

Bloober Team has provided us with loads of screenshots, wallpapers and concept art, as well as a video of the Brawl Party Tour if you are looking to get every scratch of information about Brawl before the title launches later this year. Look forward to more details from us right here on PowerLeveled as they become available in the future.

Note: This demo was tested on the PC, explaining why players are using Xbox 360 controllers as opposed to the DualShock 4.