Ultra Street Fighter IV has just come out and out of the new five characters you are probably asking yourself “Who should I use?” Well, let’s break down each cast member so you can have a better idea who you should choose.

Lets start with Poison..


First, let me tell you a little history on this femme fatale. Poison was originally conceived as a female thug in Final Fight and part of the game’s antagonist group, Mad Gear. Concerns during the game’s development about reactions from North American audiences to fighting women resulted in the character being re-imagined as a futanari (transgender). After the Final Fight series, she later appeared alongside wrestler Hugo as his manager and she was finally a playable character in the poorly received Street Fighter X Tekken.

Play Style

Poison is a strong zoning character with close range attacks. Her play style is a lot like Guile. You can shoot long, mid, and close range fireballs waiting for your opponent to make a mistake. Her combos are a little lack luster and damage are not the best, but with the strong zoning you are bound to annoy your opponent into submission.


Rolento made his debut appearance as fourth stage’s boss in the original Final Fight. He is a former member of the fictional Red Beret special forces unit and serves as the supervisor of the Mad Gear gang’s weapons plant. When defeated, instead of just fading away while lying on the ground like most enemies in the game, he stands up and blows himself up with his own grenades, fading away completely scorched. His debut as a playable fighter was in the fighting game Street Fighter Alpha 2 in 1996 and from there has always been a fan favorite.

Rolento has a very different play style then other characters in that his main objective is to be aggressive and do damage before the fight gets taken to him. He is able to poke you with many different roll attacks and with an air projectile, making it hard for most opponents to get in to cause damage.


Hugo is unbelievably tall. Standing at just under 8 feet, he is the tallest playable Street Fighter character in history. Ever since his defeat and humiliation at the hands of Mike Haggar during the events of Final Fight, Hugo has been determined to assert himself as the number one wrestler in the world. Teaming up with Poison after the fall of Mad Gear in order to prove himself in the art of international fighting, he entered the third world warrior tournament.

Hugo is a heavy hitter. He does have many combos but they hit hard and in a blink of a eye, and if you’re not cautious, half of your life can be gone. He has a great wake up assault with Shootdown Backbreaker, so don’t jump after a hard knock down or you will regret it. His walk speed leaves something to be desired, but at anytime he can run full speed across the screen and grab you making you think, “WTF just happened.”


Elena is a princess of an East African nation that holds strong cultural traditions of fighting. Her father, chief of the region, is a traditional healer who also qualified in France for a doctorate degree in medicine. Elena desires to travel around the world, meeting new friends along the way. Her most notable appearance was Street Fighter: Third Strike, and with interesting play style she stood out among the cast.

Elena, I can say has the best footsies style poke in the game. She can jump in and keep you at bay with her long range normals and high-low mix ups. Most of all, she has the most overhead moves in the game, which is a pain to deal with because you don’t know which one is coming at you. Also with the new “Ultra Double” feature she is great to use, because one Ultra can heal you and one can cause damage.


Decapre is a Bison doll that as been in the Street Fighter story line for some time now, ever since Street Fighter Alpha. She is a Cammy look alike, but her face is frightening, so she wears a mask. She as never been a playable character until now and we can only hope she is well worth the wait.

Decapre’s play style is different from any other cast member being that she is able to dash teleport and do moves out of that teleport, leading to mix ups and constant pressure. You may be asking yourself now, “Great, how can you beat that,” but she is primarily a charge character which sets the learning curve high for most players, just be ready to say “WTF just happened?