Announced today at the ongoing Game Developers Conference, Microsoft’s Xbox lead Phil Spencer said that we may not need to buy a game twice to have it on PC and Xbox platforms in the future.

Comparing the Xbox and Windows 10 ecosystem to that of the PlayStation Network or Steam, Microsoft’s coming digital storefront options could allow you to buy cross-platform games like Evolve, Madden, or Call of Duty without buying the game twice. Those who pick up their games to play on PC with the coming Windows 10 operating system may play their titles on Xbox One, so long as the development team allows.

Not forcing the option on developers, this is a forward thinking step for Microsoft and may allow the company to take a small market share on the PC dominating Steam service, as well as helping cut back against the PlayStation 4 as it dominates in global sales. With many months yet until Windows 10 hits the market, Microsoft will have to convince third party developers that a cross-buy option is a viable one however, and there are no guarantees that major developers will be willing to cut their sales in half to work with Microsoft.