Shooting is hard. You have to move your thumb in one – maybe even two – directions at a time to aim and don’t even get me started about all of the intricate muscles of the fingers and hand involved in pulling back the trigger to fire. Who wants to do all of that work when you could simply push one button and have all of that done for you? Good thing COD is always on the cutting edge.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be adding the “Gesture Warfare” gameplay mode to their game from September 22 through September 25. This mode will include multiple ways to damage and kill opponents using your player’s animated hand gesturing.  The gestures will take the place of the tactical grenade, a logical choice given the amount of time it takes for weapons in that slot to do damage. There will be nine gestures in total and they will work in different ways. This means you won’t have to worry about relentless instagibs robbing the mode of any joy. The mode will have a score limit of 20 and players will not be limited exclusively to using the gestures; you will have the ability to use other weapons.

This is likely a way to test a new idea on the public, using this time to gauge the audience for its response for potential further use and development. This is an interesting evolution from the days of play-testing in remote office spaces. With the immediate response provided by online play, this kind of consumer interaction will likely become more of a regular practice. Times have certainly come a long way from the only similar way to harm an opponent would be emotionally by toggling crouch over their deceased avatar.

This mode will be live all weekend. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself: