As part of a “Recall Program” promotion, EVE Online developer CCP is currently inviting former EVE players back to the game for a week of free play.

If you are a current player of EVE Online and you’re missing your old buddies, current subscribers to EVE may now invite former players back for the free week-long promotion. For those who successfully draw their friends back into the economy driven galaxy, players will be given rewards with each 30-day subscription. Rewards given for resurrecting your friends into the world of EVE will vary on a monthly basis, and only three rewards may be earned on any given month.

Reward specifics were not detailed by CCP, however all rewards issued to those bringing their friends back into the economic galaxy will have a “chance to earn unique and valuable items, as well as PLEX!”

Rewards may only be issued with an eligible subscription payment, and it may be safe to say that your friend can’t simply redeem an in-game PLEX to pay for their subscription if you want to be rewarded.