With PAX winding down and everyone headed home, I’d like share my thoughts on a little something I was thinking about the entire time I was at PAX Prime 2014. First off, if you had asked me 5 years ago what I would be doing today, writing for a video game website would not have been the answer, in fact, I would have probably said “I’ll be getting my chef on in a big time restaurant!”. I have my degree in culinary arts and that’s where I thought I was headed. I’ve always had a love for video games as they have always been there to not only keep me out of trouble, but also keep my mind off of the real world and all of it’s problems. Granted I always knew the problems are still going to be right there where I left them when I leave that particular cyber land, but it was always somewhere to go when stuff went down in real life and drugs or drinking wasn’t the answer for me.


Almost three years ago I met Mike and BAM! Everything changed! He was talking about doing a new website (called something different at the beginning) and that was that. I wanted in no matter what job I needed to do. Writing for a video game website!? WHA!? This is gonna be epic! My problem was…I didn’t know how to write…at all! I’ve spent my life in the kitchen or in customer service and never really got good grades in English or writing classes, so how am I supposed to pull this off? Practice kiddies. Lots and lots of practice. I would write entire papers on a video game then have my wife read over them, then I would delete them and start another one until my first review got put up on the site. I was nervous, what if what I wrote wasn’t all that great? What if I misspelled something (A LOT of that!)? I waited and practiced as my first review hit the interwebs and eventually put out my second one, then my third and so on until present day. I was never under the impression that I would be going to PAX Prime and doing my first interview with one of my all time favorite game companies Wargaming.net!


We were ushered in after a few minutes of waiting around the corner where the interview rooms were. Joe mentally going over questions in his mind, Mike feeling sick to his stomach because of how surreal the entire situation is for not only powerleveled.com, but for him as the CEO of it all, some other journalist who kept checking his phone like he had something better to do with his time, and then there was me. Complete fan-girl on the inside, super excited to go in and not only get the exclusive look at what they’re up to, but to get to talk to them and ask questions about World of all the Stuff! Tanks, Warplanes, Warships, Blitz, and the XBOX 360 version, all at our fingertips and ready for us to hear about. They go through their presentation and one by one I’m in awe! I’m shooting out questions left and right, asking these questions like a gamer would, except I’m in here as media and I need to keep my cool…must not…fan-girl…out! Every one of these games looks so amazing and…why does that guy keep checking his phone!? PAY ATTENTION! They point us to the three iPads sitting in front of us and let us play World of Tanks Blitz, a mobile version of WoT that you can play on your tablet! Mind blown! Then they get to the World of Warships section of the presentation…and that guy is still checking his phone and texting…honestly guy… World of Warships looks absolutely amazing! The presentation for it was perfect, I had little to no questions either because A) their presentation actually answered all of my questions and left none to ask or B) My fan-girl took over, all rational thought had left my skull, and my eyes we’re replaced with giant stars. The presentation ends and they ask the golden question “You wanna sit down and play this?” I’m looking around and Mike and Joe are looking at me and pointing at me saying “This guy right here does.” Yup…fan-girl took over…all rational thought has left my skull and I make my way over to the keyboard like they just offered me chocolate cake. I plop down in the very comfy office chair and get to know the controls. Mike yawns, not because the presentation is boring, but because 6am running around from interview to interview does that to you. The head guy in the room looks at Mike and says “I got just the thing for that!” and whips out Red Bulls and water all around. I crack it open and go to town on World of Warships. Completely in awe, I realize its time to go as our time is now up. They hand us these really cool media only boxes that have cool swag in it and send us on our way so that the next group can come in. Guy who is on his phone the entire time belts out with “This is the third time I’ve done this sit down, there isn’t anything new in it…” and saunters off into the wild of PAX, Why I outta!


So we all head out to our next appointment. I’m still fan-girling and in complete awe of what I just experienced and then come to the realization that “Whoa…that just happened…we’re…media!” All three of us drinking our Red Bulls and Water, talking about what we just experienced and how awesome and surreal It was to be there as we were. ladies and gentlemen if you take anything from this rambling of a video game nerd let it be these points:

  • It’s never too late to get into something you love
  • If the opportunity presents itself to go to a convention of any kind, take it!
  • Make those connections
  • If you want something in life, all you need to do is work at it and it WILL be yours
  • Don’t be that guy on the phone texting and not paying attention…that was rude guy!
  • Never let someone tell you your dream isn’t viable.

Thank you all for making Powerleveled.com what it is today. Without you and your support we’re just a buncha game nerds with nobody but ourselves to talk to about the one thing we all love: Video Games!