Announcing a refreshed team, twice the size of just one week ago, Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ development team is ready and moving on a brand new cooking system for the perma-death title.

Through a post on the “DayZDev” official Tumblr account, the latest patch announcement from Bohemia Interactive mentioned a stable version of 0.37 of the DayZ Beta will launch on March 5th [GMT] to Steam. During this announcement, the DayZ developer noted their expanded team will work on rapid deployment of a new cooking system “heavily inspired by the outstanding cooking system in Project Zomboid.”

…this will be part of a wider push in March to focus on Survival aspects of the game in general. You will turn your cooking device on (fireplace/stove) and then place the items in it.

The items will slowly heat up, and when at the required heat for the required period of time, they will become “cooked” and/or turn into something else (such as soup). Items can become overcooked, and items can also become cold via some process (this will be looked at later).


In this system, players will be able to cook using multiple tools – some more and less effective than others. Similar to the idea that a can opener opens beans more effectively than a fire axe, users should be able to cook over a stove, fire, propane torch, and more. This system will take some time to develop, but may also lead to lethal heat levels emanating from a fire once implemented.

Our graphics programmer spent some time redoing the way emissive materials work, this will allow us to better support the new fireplace mechanics that are being worked on.

The developer is of course working toward many new projects to improve on the wildly successful Beta, and though only cooking was detailed this week Bohemia Interactive will present a road map for the rest of the year “very soon.”