Dead in Bermuda is the latest single player survival game created by the independent Plug in Digital Label and developed by CCCP. Unlike most survival games out these days you are not alone this time. You will manage a team of eight survivors that have recently been trapped on an isolated island. The key is to make them cooperate and bond in order to survive. While the environment and its inhabitants will offer their fair share of surprises and danger your ultimate goal is to survive.

The only way to escape this hellish island you now call home is to explore, build and develop your survivors. While exploring the mysterious island you will discover its many secrets all the while gathering vital resources for your group. You will need to build tools and facilities necessary to maintain good morale and health situations for your eight survivors. You will also need to learn your groups weaknesses in order to develop their survival skills and group relations, each survivor works better on the tasks they like with the person they appreciate.

Dead in Bermuda will be available on Steam August 27th but if you can’t wait to try it before that don’t fear there will be a demo for you to get your hands on August 24th.

As always we look forward to the latest updates from Plug In Digital Label, you can always check out their official for more about Dead in Bermuda or just check back here at PowerLeveled.