In the first-ever instance of players wanting to find themselves in a sticky situation and not being able to, DOAX3 still has no plans to release to western audiences. Sticking to their guns, Koei Tecmo continues treating the title as too risqué to be received well and plans to keep this game within the audiences of Japan and Asia, exclusively:


Here is how their western audience is responding:


Many are left frustrated after being denied a release after all of build-up and excitement. Where else will we go to have our balls smacked around by our favorite DOA fighters? We lovers of beach volleyball and women’s swimming fashion are, once again, headed toward facing a horrible injustice. Sending our twitter complaints alone is not enough. Do not let this potential classic pass us by; let your voice be heard. Join me in signing these very real petitions convincing Koei Tecmo to have a change of heart, giving us the ability to play this game-making gem in the west:



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