UPDATE: Bungie has patched out the Loot Cave entirely as of today’s hotfix [9/25]. We have another method for you, just have a look OVER HERE at our latest farming guide and keep it locked to PowerLeveled for all your Destiny needs.

It’s been written about by nearly every major publication on the internet, and while we’ve left Destiny’s “Loot Cave” out of the conversation here on PowerLeveled in exchange for our own methods, there’s no denying that the Cosmodrome is one of the best places to farm for equipment in Destiny.

If you haven’t heard, the loot cave in the Cosmodrome is the most effective method of grabbing gear in Destiny for a few reasons. Gear in Destiny drops for your character based on a few factors – your level being the most prominent. Those with a higher Light level are more likely to have purple “Legendary” quality items drop for their character than a fresh level 20 character will. Gear that drops from the enemies in Destiny do not drop as a direct result of them being a higher or lower level, but rather on flat percentage chance at death. This of course means that you could kill a level 1 enemy or a level 15 enemy and get the same loot chance. Not only that, the loot you pick up is always going to be ready for your level of character, so you won’t pick up anything lower than level 16 at 20 or higher. All of this aside, let’s talk about what the “Loot Cave” is for those uninitiated.

If you want to spend 8 minutes watching a video, Completionist on YouTube discovered this trick over a week ago. Have a look, his explanation is pretty great. Otherwise, I’ll break it down after the video.

You’ve probably already hit level 20 and you’re in desperate need of getting gear. That’s why you care about the loot cave. If you spent enough time on Earth’s Cosmodrome, you remember where the helicopters are. Head there with two friends, or head there alone – most likely there are two or more people there already. There is a cave in the back left, just to the right of a glowing green spire. This small cave is the only place where every level 5 Hive monster will spawn to attack the Fallen in this area, making it the best place to spawn camp monsters in the Cosmodrome. If you have killed every Hive in the area, starting with those by the Helipad and working your way back to the cave, you’ll find that they continue to flood out of this cave. Take advantage of this and eventually all of the pretty green, blue and purple candies that fall out of their corpse will centrally locate in this “Loot Cave”. They don’t have a choice but to die to your supreme power.

Lining up here with your friends, you’ll all enjoy the glory of treasures beyond your wildest dreams, but what you don’t know might limit your income so here’s the nitty-gritty. First and most importantly, you don’t actually have to kill the units in order to get your loot. SOMEONE DOES, but you don’t have to. Secondly, and more surprisingly, you don’t even have to shoot at the monsters in the cave in order to get loot. If you run out of bullets, just look at the cave with your cross-hairs and you’ll get a chance at a loot drop. Just because you run out of ammo with your primary weapon doesn’t mean that you need to rush into the cave. You’ll stop monsters from spawning this way, and you’ll really reduce productivity. You’re also much better off using single-shot weapons to conserve on ammo here. Autorifles don’t hit for much damage, and Pulse rifles take two shots you won’t hit anything with, so bring a scout rifle to the range and clean house in the most effective way possible.

If for any reason you can’t get the monsters in the cave to spawn, remember to clear the map, then back up far enough that there isn’t any interference with spawns in the area. You can give the cave a once-over to try and reset it on occasion if you just can’t figure out what’s wrong with the spawn, but usually it comes back in good time. For those dedicated farmers, look forward to a few random events, including an onslaught of monsters from either faction when you read “The enemies are moving against each other” above your Super bar. Enemies seem to move against each other every 30 minutes, with random events about every 15 minute or so. Avoid the random events if you have already completed your random event daily, and just wait out the enemies movement against each other in the building to the left.

Happy farming, Guardians.