After just under two years of business, the Diablo III auction house is closed.

Opened with the launch of Diablo 3 in May of 2012, the both the real-money auction house and gold auction houses closed today for purchasing items. Though the auction house will in fact be closed for new business, Blizzard Entertainment will not be leaving it’s loyal fans in the dark. The auction house will remain open for receiving items through June 24th of this year for those who don’t login for a while.

This auction house update is part of a three-point transition into the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion. As a prequel to the auction house update, Blizzard very recently updated Diablo 3 to version 2.0.1, featuring “Loot 2.0.” In Loot 2.0 minion loot drops are more likely to match the champion you kill them with, allowing players a better chance to prosper without the auction system.

These changes are a direct reflection of the wildly acclaimed console port of Diablo 3, which will be relaunched after the March 25th launch of the coming PC expansion Reaper of Souls. The Reaper of Souls expansion will include new features, including a fifth act in the campaign, and the all-new Crusader class.