Blending the best elements of every primary chat service on the internet, Discord is the best new messaging and chat application available online in 2016, and here’s why you’ll want to make the switch.

With the new year comes a new chance to make big changes to your games and media library. Along side those changes, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your bandwidth when downloading chat and messaging apps. Boasting an extremely low footprint on your internet connection, fully customized chat groups, a familiar feeling and universal compatibility, Discord has everything you love about Skype, Ventrillo and Curse Voice blended into the same platform.

First and foremost, Discord is fully free. With no gimmick, Discord allows you to chat with your friends without any issues or advertisements allowing it to step above the most popular peer-to-peer chat service Skype. While advertisements in Skype allow for video calling on their free service, Discord doesn’t lock you into those ads while you aren’t pumping out video. Stepping above Skype again, your IP is completely secure in Discord, while it’s easily available to find in the competition. Along side this IP protection, you’ll have DDoS protection, keeping your call alive when you need it most.

As a low footprint application, you’ll also enjoy Discord through multiple forms. Discord is available for download on PC/Mac or iOS and Android. Discord also allows for direct browser use, not requiring a download at all. You’ll enjoy smart push notifications on mobile, not bothering you with conversations which you simply don’t care about. Packing in both text and voice chat in IIRC style channels and Ventrillo conversations, Discord channel administrators can add moderation teams to help clean up public chat groups. With options to create chat rooms and conversation rooms to suit your needs, Discord supports groups both large and small.

While everyone loves their friends, Discord also understands when you need your silence. Users can be individually muted, turned up or down and more. With moderator control options and individual user options, Discord will give you the power to boost and silence your friends to reach the perfect volume for open conversation. Finally, Discord also features an automatic AFK option for your friends who may walk away from the PC. You’ll no longer have to listen to the family having dinner again with Discord as users can be set to move to the AFK channel at set intervals of inactivity.

Discord will move into 2016 only getting stronger, with plan for including in-game overlays, full integration with games, moderation and chat bots, two factor authentication for ultra security, premium theme packs and more. Head over to to download the application and get started chatting with the most complete calling and chat application available today.