If you’re looking to pick up a ton of Glimmer in Destiny, then use that Glimmer to buy all the loot in the Tower, this is one of the most effective methods known in Old Russia.

While PS4 user “JSmash7” Jason Betthauser finds this method to be a glitch, he simply takes advantage of low spawn times on non-gold treasure chests in caves which are fairly close to each other. Using his speeder to transport back and fourth, Jason’s video showcases one of the fastest known ways to pick up money in the game, showcased below.

Thanks for sharing Jason. If you’re looking for any Golden Chests or dead Ghosts in Destiny to learn and earn everything there is to pick up in the Beta test, we’ve got them here. Keep an eye out for more guides on Destiny here on PowerLeveled.com as the Beta continues and throughout the official launch on September 9th.