If you’re in the market to develop video games then the Unreal Engine 4 might be in your sights thanks to a sweetened deal by Epic Games.

Offering up a five million dollar grant pool, Epic Games has an all-new “no strings attached” funding pool available to independent developers looking for a new game engine. Competing with primary engines in CryEngine, Unity and more, the Epic team will set themselves apart by offering between $5,000 and $50,000 to each development team looking for the engine and which need support to get on their feet.

Epic Games isn’t interested in profiting on the project which they fund, and will not own the IP in any part as the result of this grant. Epic also would make it clear that developers are free to supplement their titles in other ways as well, including crowd funding. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney spoke out in favor of the program.

“When a developer succeeds with the Unreal Engine, we succeed. We are trying to make developers more successful more quickly. We have heard pervasively that money is a real issue. The goal of this is to help people develop more games without having to mow lawns.”

“It is not just aimed at high-end games. We are wide open. They don’t even have to be games. For the next six months, we’re also looking for awesome virtual reality projects.”

Epic will also seek proposals for outside of the box projects as well, such as architecture projects, animated features and more. Those interested in the grant should send their proposals to “unrealgrants@epicgames.com”. Projects must be in working prototype to secure funding.