Evangelion is an anime classic. I know it’s personally in my top 5 series in general; the story brought you into a world with characters that were easy to care for. It wasn’t how they behaved. Isolated, the characters could easily come of as pretty obnoxious. It was the context that won people over. People loved Evangelion because of what was accomplished by the story. Taking human characters and having them fight giant monsters inside giant monster-robots without having a serious tone fly out the window isn’t easy. Making believable monsters isn’t easy and that series accomplished it.

That brings us to our latest news: There will be a new Godzilla film being released in Japan next year. The mind behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno will be behind this project.  Anno wrote the screenplay for this film and is co-directing it with Shinji Higuchi, who is known best for his special effects and story-boarding work.

This teaser for Godzilla Resurgence appears to offer what you’d expect from a Godzilla film, that being, people running from Godzilla (or Godzuki, you never know.) While it is unsure what aspects of the somewhat large Godzilla world this iteration will include, it is exciting to so a film that returns to the hands of the culture that created the original concept.