The Chinese Room, the studio behind popular walking simulator and first-person adventure Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture will be “going dark” for the next few months. In a blog post by Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck on the developer’s website, he explains that due to financial issues and a health scare, there will be an extended closure that has been “in the cards since earlier this year.”

Mr. Pinchbeck explains that leading up to this hiatus, he had been attempting to secure a follow-up project, struggling to keep the studio’s lights on, and dealing with lay-offs to staff.

The post ensures that this is “just a pause” and will not be an end for the studio. Merch, soundtracks, and their games will all still be available. Additionally, the team will continue to keep an active twitter and interaction with fans, just in a reduced fashion. With the temporary closure, the team still plans to complete two new titles: The 13th Interior and Little Orpheus.