This trailer gets me so jazzed.

Today, at the PlayStation Experience 2015’s opening conference, Square Enix unleashed a gorgeous trailer for their Final Fantasy VII remake — I won’t lie to anyone; it made me feel intense emotions. Thinking back to what I found to be a successful fan-service, the Advent Children film, I am already incredibly hyped for this attempt. Will the new and shiny Cloudu live up to the legend that is his jagged polygon counterpart? Will I be able to re-live moments from my younger years with full, gorgeous contemporary computer graphics? Will Tifa have aggressive jiggle animations? How much effort will go into the body and bounce of Sephiroth’s hair? I don’t know. I do know what I feel, however. I feel like Square cares.

Also, the PC port of the original is also available today on the PlayStation Store but, whatever, focus. Remake!