The fighting game scene is expanding and growing within professional gaming.

Adding a partnership with Nintendo, the Genesis 3 fighting game tournament centered around Nintendo titles can now enjoy the perfect sponsorship. Set to take place on January 15th through 17th of 2016, the upcoming fighting tournament will take place in the San Jose Convention Center. Thanks in part to a partnership with Nintendo and a strong audience, the tournament will now pack in a prize pool of well over $49,000!

So what is Genesis 3? The fighting game tournament focuses on competition within the Super Smash Brothers community. Packing in competition within three titles, the best-of-the-best meet at the “Genesis” tournament this year to play Smash Brothers Melee, Smash Wii U, and Smash for Nintendo 64. Streaming live on Showdown Smash, the tournament will feature many qualifiers and tournament bracketing leading up to each of the three championships.

Pass purchasing closed on January 7th, so if you’re looking to attend live you’ll sadly miss out, but look online to get into the action coming up next Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time.