While many users found themselves enthralled by the Destiny Alpha test, the unfinished trial has been scrutinized as much as a finalized product would have been, and Bungie has been listening.

According to Bungie’s latest Weekly Update, one of the most significant issues with testers over the course of the inaugural weekend came through in the Ghost AI’s conversation with players. The Ghost is an object sent by The Traveler in Destiny to seek out Guardians in the defense of Earth. While the Ghost finds the Guardian in Destiny, players will use a Ghost as a guide throughout their journey, and having an annoyance for your guide can be a big hindrance to our adventures throughout the solar system.

As of the end of Destiny’s Alpha, the delivery for Peter Dinklage’s lines as the Ghost in Destiny were so dry that it became a meme on Bungie’s official Alpha test tee shirt, now not available for purchase [seen here]. These recordings have been updated for the Beta test phase of the game, and will be updated once again for perfect delivery of all audio in your adventures as the title comes to launch on September 9th. The Destiny Beta test begins on July 17th, and will commence on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 throughout the month of July.