With the coming multiplayer update to Don’t Starve, “Don’t Starve Together,” developer Klei Entertainment is working on a method for players who have died to resurrect themselves, as well as freak out their friends.

Shown above in this early technical Alpha footage, players who die in Don’t Starve Together will come back to life to haunt their friends as the remainder of your party attempts to stay alive. Ghosts in Don’t Starve Together are represented as oval floating apparitions, with the ability to haunt the objects around the living player. As each ghost haunts nearby objects, a bit of their life force can be restored, allowing for a potential resurrection, and a restoration of the ghosts humanity.

If a ghost and the living cooperate properly, ghost players may fill up a life force meter, allowing for a resurrection. Players’ health at resurrection will be determined on how they managed to retain their humanity while dead, so keeping up with your haunting business will be a critical act while you’re dead. Haunting may effect other players, as maintaining your sanity is as much a factor toward survival as not starving.

Technical designer Seth Rosen mentioned that though footage is shown at early stages, Don’t Starve Together won’t be built with the idea that you can torture your friends but the title will be “less prone to grieving.” The multiplayer mode will have a true Alpha release some time just after the Penny Arcade Expo in August and will support between two and four players. If you’re interested in more content from Klei Entertainment, check out the official forums, or keep it posted here on PowerLeveled.