Expanding on an already storied and diverse universe, Blizzard is welcoming The Lost Vikings to Heroes of the Storm this week with “The Lost Vikings Hero Week”.

Adding The Lost Vikings into the fray, Heroes of the Storm will never be the same, as the Viking group of three fights as a singular champion. Boasting the highest champion complexity of any hero, playing as all three Vikings simultaneously will require balance and awareness to be proficient, lending itself to uneven play for the uninitiated. Available in a “Triple Trouble” default skin, the “Master Lot Vikings” futuristic skin and a “Pajama Party Lost Vikings” option, Blizzard is starting strong in keeping with the existing themes of Heroes by not slacking on visual options and rewards for those who master the Viking group.

Packing in strong initial skills, here’s what to expect from The Lost Vikings when you jump into the Nexus:

the-lost-vikings_spinToWinSPIN TO WIN! – The Vikings use a highly advanced Nordic battle tactic, spinning wildly and giving every enemy caught within their whirl a solid knock on the head.

the-lost-vikings_jumpJUMP! – Physical fitness is core to the Viking lifestyle. Rigorous training allows the Vikings to leap out of harm’s way, avoiding all damage and bounding over enemies trying to block them in.

the-lost-vikings_norseForceNORSE FORCE! – The best thing about being a Viking is that someone always has your back. Using Norse Force, the Vikings armor up, gaining more armor when more Vikings are still standing.

As with any character in Heroes of the Storm, you’ll have to choose between these two abilities at level 10:

the-lost-vikings_longboatRaidLONGBOAT RAID! – All Vikings are fierce invaders at heart. With this ability, all the Lost Vikings hop in a longboat that shoots a rapid fire cannon at nearby enemies, as well as a long-range mortar to destroy a wide swath of targets.

the-lost-vikings_playAgainPLAY AGAIN! – The trio ensures no Viking is left behind with this heroic ability, which allows any one of them to quickly raise fallen Vikings and gather the whole group in one spot.

The Lost Vikings certainly aren’t the last addition to an already amazing game, as Blizzard detailed how they plan to move forward just yesterday. How do you feel about this addition? Sound off in the comments section below!