Are you looking for a Heroes of the Storm tier list that you can actually trust? Backed by official statistics, the “Nerf Tier” tier lists right here on PowerLeveled use real metrics such as win rate, popularity rates and how that compares with pick rates to measure the values of every Hero in the game. Stacking these values up against the latest patch information, we’re not only the first but also the most complete Heroes of the Storm tier list online. On this page you’ll find the complete anthology of our tier list posts on PowerLeveled, along with a quick summary of changes in each patch. With regular changes coming down the pipe, our lists are true, living works and we will continue to refine the Nerf Tier anthology week-over-week in search of the highest possible quality for our users. Dig in and improve your win rate in ranked and normal play with the best tier list online today.


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Warriors dominate the scene in the massive list of changes in this month’s Heroes of the Storm patch. With major changes to Diablo, Sonya and other Heroes, Blizzard is ramping up for the full release in just a few short weeks and adding a new Hero along the way for their May content patch.

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Hosting a vast amount of changes in the latest patch, things are shaking up with the Nerf Tier list for Heroes of the Storm this week. Launching along side an all-new map, Sylvanas Windrunner has made her way to the Storm and she brought with her a load of adjustments to characters that will bring down most of the reigning “Strong” heroes, but won’t effect the Nerf Tier class of heroes much.

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Coming out the gates with the release of The Lost Vikings, we’re bringing you the first ever Nerf Tier for Heroes of the Storm. In patch 34190, released in February, many small tweaks and bug fixes highlights the update. Have a look at the most comprehensive tier list for Heroes of the Storm online and get into the game today!

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