Hello and welcome to my fifth guide on Heroes of the Storm Beta. Previously we covered Zeratul, Dark TemplarSgt. Hammer, Seige TankValla, Demon Hunter, and Tyrande, Priestess of Elune. My name is Lordunderpants and today I will be covering Jaina the Archmage.


-Combat Trait-


  Frostbite: Your abilities Chill targets, slowing them and causing them to take more damage.

Your passive makes all your abilities slow your enemies allowing you to chase them down and finish them off much easier.

-Core Abilities-

ice poke

  Frostbolt: Shoot bolt that deals damage and Chills target.

Your main poke ability, shoots out in a line and deals fairly good damage for a low mana cost.

ice shards

  Blizzard: Crease a storm of ice at target location, damaging and slowing enemies.

An aoe that damages everyone inside a fairly small circle, does two waves of damage and hits fairly hard.

ice blast

  Cone of Cold: Deal damage in cone and Chill target.

More aoe damage but this time in the shape of a cone in front of you.

-Heroic Abilities-

water guy

  Summon Water Elemental: Summons a powerful Water Elemental.

With this heroic you get a Water Elemental to fight along side you, deals quite a bit of damage and adds one more target the enemy has to deal with during the hectic team fights.

ice orb

  Ring of Frost: Creates a freezing ring that roots and damages enemies.

A giant aoe circle that traps everyone in place and deals lots of damage. If used during big team fights in small corridors  can deal a huge amount of damage and lock up the enemy.


As always there are no bad talents, customize them to how you enjoy playing your characters, I’ll go over the talents and explain why I choose certain ones in certain situations.

Level 1 Talents

ice poke

  Winter’s Reach (Q): Increases the range of Frostbolt by 30%.


  Lingering Chill (Trait): Increases the duration of Chill from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.


  Deep Chill (Trait): Increases the slow of Chill from 25% to 35%.

the power

 Conjurer’s Pursuit: Increases Mana Regeneration by 0.5 per second. Every 3 Regeneration Globes gathered increases this bonus by 0.25.

  The first talent tier has a few cool little options, Winter’s Reach increases the range on your main poke ability and Lingering Chill and Deep Chill further increase your passives slow duration or how much it slows. The only underwhelming one here would be Conjurer’s Pursuit only because it relies on you being in lane to get the Regeneration Globes to further increase your mana regen.

Level 4 Talents

ice poke

  Frost Shards (Q): Frostbolt willnow pierce the first target to hit an additional target behind them.

ice shards

  Snowstorm (W): Increases the radius of Blizzard by 30%.


  Arcane Intellect (Trait): Dealing damage to a Chilled target returns Mana to Jaina. Basic Attacks return 5 mana and abilities return 25.


  Envenom: Activate to poison an enemy Hero, dealing 180 damage over 5 seconds.

  This tier is a tough tier to choose wrong in. Snowstorm is a huge boost to your Blizzard by increasing the radius it makes it easier to hit targets but also more enemies as well. Frost Shards turns your main poke from just 1 target to 2 doubling the damage output and Envenom is a bonus dot you can throw on someone to help finish them off as they try to get away. Last but not least Arcane Intellect helps take your worries off mana management for big fights and reduce your time off the field back at base trying to get your mana back.

Level 7 Talents

ice blast

 Ice Floes (E): Doubles the width of Cone of Cold and causes each target to hit to reduce its cooldown by 0.5 seconds.


  Frostbitten (Trait): Increases the damage bonus of Frostbite from 50% to 65%.

ice skull

  Frost Armor: Enemy Heroes that attack you are Chilled. Additionally, every 8 seconds you can block the next Basic Attack from an enemy Hero reducing its damage by 75%.

ice poke

  Ice Lance (Q): The cooldown of Frostbolt is reduced by 2 seconds if it impacts a Chilled target.

If you’re taking tons of damage and keep getting hunted down, Frost Armor is a must to make sure you stay alive and get them off you. Ice Floes and Ice Lance can help you spam your abilities more often while Frostbitten increases the damage of all your abilities after the target is chilled.

Level 10 Talents

This is where you choose your Heroic Ability Summon Water Elemental or Ring of Frost.

Level 13 Talents

ice shards

  Storm Front (W): Increases the cast range of Blizzard by 100%.

ice power

  Improved Ice Block: Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds. When this effect expires, nearby enemies are Chilled.

cold touch

  Icy Veins: Activate to make your Basic Abilities’ cooldowns recharge three times as fast and reduce their Mana cost by 50% for 5 seconds.


  Sprint: Activate to gain 75% Movements Speed for 3 seconds.

  A pretty diverse tier with quite a few options for you, Storm Front lets you hang back in safety while still casting your Blizzards or Improved Ice Block shields yourself if you’re in too deep hopefully letting your allies clear a path for you. Icy Veins is a steroid boost for allowing you to use your abilities a lot more . The only underwhelming talent is Sprint and it’s only underwhelming because all your abilities cause a slow on the target effectively making them slower than you anyway.

Level 16 Talents

ice shards

  Snow Crash (W): Increases the number of Blizzard waves from 2 to 3.

ice blast

  Northern Exposure (E): Enemies damage by Cone of Cold are also afflicted with Vulnerable, increasing the damage they take by 25% for 2 seconds.

ice blast

  Numbing Blast (E): Cone of Cold also roots Chilled targets for 1 second.


  Ice Barrier (Trait): When Jaina does increased damage from Frostbite, she is shielded for 25% of the total damage dealt. This Shield lasts 3 seconds.

Some really great talents here with my personal favorite Northern Exposure which increases all sources of damage on your targets hit by cone of cold by 25%. Numbing blast is good for making sure the enemy doesn’t run around and get out of aoes with its rooting effect and Ice Barrier is a great tool for just staying alive. Snow Crash deals an extra volley of damage which is awesome but on more mobile targets it may still only get 1 or 2 hits in, big team fights with lots of lockdowns can help this talent find its true potential.

Level 20 Talents

ice orb

  Cold Snap (R): The center of the ring also explodes with frost after the first ring expires.

water guy

  Wintermute (R): Your Water Elemental will now mimic your Frostbolt, Blizzard, and Cone of Cold Abilities for 50% damage. Cast range increased by 50%.

now more arrows

  Nexus Frenzy: Increases Attack Speed by 20% and Attack Range by 20%.


  Bolt of Storm: Activate to teleport to a nearby location.

  The final tier has some interesting concepts behind it especially with Wintermute having your elemental mimic your spells to targets and Nexus Frenzy increasing your attack speed and range of auto attacks. Cold Snap is just a nice boost for your Ring of Frost while Bolt of Storm allows you to blink out of harm or chase down an enemy.

My Preferred Talent List

  1. Winter’s Reach – I enjoy the extra range it provides for your main poke. As nice as the extra chilling effects are from the other talents i’ve never thought if they were just a little slower or slowed a little longer that I would be able to get the kill.
  2. Snowstorm – Just because it allows more enemies to be inside and takes longer to run out of the aoe so more often they take both sets of damage.
  3. Frost Armor – It is a nice boost to helping you get away from the enemies and even the blocking of a basic attack can be helpful.
  4. Ring of Frost – When in giant team fights and you get this heroic on the enemy team, it is a huge boost in making sure you win the team fight.
  5. Improved Ice Block – Makes you immune to everything for 3 seconds, so when a giant team fight breaks out and you know all the heroics are coming or you’re going to be focused down, you pop this ability taking no damage and allowing your team to focus the enemy down who just wasted everything on you.
  6. Northern Exposure – Sure being able to do the most damage is appealing, but Heroes is a team based game and increasing the damage that not only you do, but your entire team does, on everyone you hit with Cone of Cold is a giant boost in damage.
  7. Cold Snap – An extra boost in damage for your heroic.


Jaina is a very mobile caster who does a ton of burst damage while slowing the enemy . She excells at area of effect damage hitting many targets, slowing them to either keep up and take them down or run away. She is quite squishy so you want to be careful with your placement, making sure you’re close enough to hit them and not close enough to be hit. Use your spells at max range to be most effective and stay behind your tanks!


Jaina is a great dps boost to any team with her big damage and amazing crowd controlling abilities. Master attacking from afar, relying on your teammates to soak up the damage, and try to get your team to clump the enemy up for team fights and you’ll be king of the damage meters.

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