Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez has found another interesting bug in Fallout 4’s design on top of the game’s Diamond City.

“To get to it, you need to climb a few buildings right outside the town. I used a jetpack to traverse these spots, but it’s entirely possible to do it on-foot, too. It might just take a few tries and quick saves. And remember: if you do use your Power Armor, using your jetpack consumes more Fusion Cores than normal.”

If you follow the directions in her video, you’ll find your way into a cafeteria type space that would seem as though it was designed by Bethesda to be findable, but aspects of the area are glitchy and clearly not ready to be played. If you push the limits of these glitches too hard, you’ll find yourself back into the non-glitched Diamond City, so watch your step.

Another bug, but a very interesting one. In a game that allows for you to explore the environment with a jetpack, you would think the developing team would take special care to watch out for these kinds of bugs. Regardless, the good aspects of the game continue to greatly outweigh the bad. This bug is more cute than problematic.

As far as using the jet-powered exploration, it seems this kind of issue is abnormal; if you haven’t gotten to playing Fallout 4 yet and this kind of glitch turns you off, it isn’t something you should take as a serious problem with the game’s design.