During a panel at this weekend’s PAX East conference in Boston, Gearbox Studios’ head Randy Pitchford detailed some of the features in their coming remastering of Homeworld.

Simply titled as Homeworld Remastered, the remake produced by Gearbox will allow PC gamers with capable hardware to run Homeworld in 4K resoution natively. While in a panel discussing Borderlands 2, the coming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and other titles, Pitchford talked about how his titles have leaned on Homeworld’s ideas during their own development stages.

In Gearbox’s Brothers in Arms, the ability to stop time, zoom out and have full battlefield visual were all taken straight from Homeworld inspiration. Now that Gearbox owns the right to create with the Homeworld IP, he’s ready to move on and bring the series back to life. Gearbox is very excited about the coming revamp of Homeworld – so excited in fact that they will create a 12 inch model of the ship from the original iteration of Homeworld, available only in the Collector’s Edition copy.


Gearbox picked up the rights to the Homeworld IP during the closing of THQ studios last year. Given their history for working with IPs from other developers, let’s hope that the Homeworld IP doesn’t follow down the same path of Duke Nukem after his many years in development hell. If they apply the same love they have into their Borderlands series, that shouldn’t be a problem.