If you’re one of the many fireteams out there playing with a group that can’t cross through the darkness of the very first test in Crota’s End, here’s a proper method to helping your team reach their goal as effectively as possible. This method, while it requires that your fireteam have one max agility Bladedancer and one max resistance Titan bubble, is the most efficient we’ve attempted at getting to the final goal. We could have likely fought back the darkness for much longer than shown in the video [in fact, at 1:15 in the video, it opened.], but you’ll get the job done as long as your team waits behind for the Bladedancer to reach the puzzle’s end and die. Catch up and hold it for a minute and you’re golden.

Have a look at the video below for the method, and we would recommend at least one Sunsinger Warlock to toss a million fire grenades against the bubble wall for extra defenses.

[Warning, some language.]

After you’ve finished up your first step toward Crota’s end, come back for Part 2 of the easiest pieces of gear you can get in the new raid.