If you’re getting started with the Destiny Beta test you are probably looking for the fastest way to level, or get the best reputation with the game’s factions. Picking up Crucible reputation focuses hard on questing, or a large amount of grinding through PVP events. Having played nearly 12 hours in the Beta within the first day, we snooped out the single best way to finish one of the hardest Crucible Bounties in the game – “The Undying.”

According to the Destiny Wikia, this bounty requires that players complete a match of Crucible, 10 minutes long or first team to 20,000 points in the “Control” game mode, but while playing you can not die, and must score at least 7 kills. We have personally tested this method, which is a bit of an exploit on a Beta glitch, but if you’re looking to power level your way through Destiny, and you don’t have the best trigger finger, this may be the only hope you have.

First, you’ll need a few things – a double jump pack, something all crucible-ready players have, and a bit of accuracy with your leap. Check out the video below for the trick, and the screenshots further down for confirmation that the trick is 100% effective at making you “invisible” on the map.

Here’s the screenshot taken from both first-person and opposing perspectives at the same time. Keep in mind that opposing teams don’t see your name unless they point right at you, and you’ll be about 8 feet up in this image, so they won’t notice you unless they are aiming up for no reason at all.

For more tips and tricks on Destiny, look forward to our media coverage as the Beta continues, and keep it locked to PowerLeveled.com

If you’re not in the Beta test, and want to play on the PS4, here’s a code. Don’t tell anyone.

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