So you log into a server for the first time and maybe get a house and a place settled down, then you finally notice that the things you have been killing for food might have a better use. Training dinosaurs can be lucrative and profitable in the long run if the right materials are used for the job. This guide is here to simplify the process slightly so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

The best place to start is not always the most obvious. Those dodos that you have been killing day in and day out for instance for food – these are not the right place to start. After having trained over 30 of these useless, flight-less birds myself, it is no wonder that they became extinct. The literal only use these dodo birds have is the small carrying capacity of roughly 50 extra weight units. This, however, even becomes useless as they will no doubt get lost, eaten, or slow your traveling down so much that you wish you didn’t have them.

The actual place to start training would be one of two places: Velociraptors (Raptors) or Dilophosaurus (Dilos). You can only jump to raptor training if you have a team of at least two people, or if you are insanely good at hitting the raptor without taking return punishment. Raptors have a higher base damage than Dilos, which is why training the latter is generally safer. Punching is the cheapest way to knock an animal out, although, using slingshots while perched on a rock above the dinosaur is a great way to not take damage while attempting to train heavier hitting dinosaurs. Take care not to run out of items to repair a slingshot and stones to shoot for ammo, as the dinosaur you have been pelting will not give up the chase on you when you decide you are done shooting for the moment. Only fists or slingshots can be used for knocking out dinosaurs for early levels as of patch 206.2, with tranquilizer arrows coming into play for level 20 players. Using a pick or an axe will only succeed in killing the dinosaur. After the dinosaur is knocked out, you can determine if it is worth your time, or whether you should just kill it and save the meat for the next dinosaur to train. For an early Dilo or Raptor, look for around level 5-30 as these will allow you to farm enough meat in the surrounding area even if you are on your own and not in a group. If the dinosaur is low enough level, you will not need to pump that many narcoberries into it to keep it knocked out. Remember that narcoberries are needed as you can force-feed them to both herbivores and carnivores for an early sedative until they are fed well enough to be on your side.

^A555AEBC315020242837B52D309ED2167B89785E56FFFEC18B^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrMany people ask when they start training where the button is to automatically feed narcoberries to the dinosaur as it will not eat them automatically. Look for your narcoberries under the items in the dinosaur’s inventory after dumping them from your inventory then “remote use item”. Each narcoberry fed increases torpor (amount of time till awake) by eight. For example, feeding six berries at once will increase torpor by 48 units. Using narcotics will increase an animal’s torpor by 40 – but you’ve got to craft narcotics first. This means that there is no distinguishable difference between making narcoberries into narcotics unless long term storage is needed because narcotics do not spoil. For immediate taming, stick with narcoberries unless spoiled meat is directly on hand. This meat is an easy source of narcotics, using a pestle and mortar.

After at least one animal is trained, you will need to set the animal to passive in order to train others, or the dinosaur you have just trained will attack the next dinosaur in order to protect you – it won’t let you knock it out. After training a small pack of Dilos or Raptors you’ll have become “king of the beach”, so to speak. Make sure that you have at least one male and one female in the group. This is not for the eggs, although they are good for food, but instead for the mating bonus. The mating bonus increases damage by an unspecified amount and resistance to damage by 25% of their base for their level.

To train higher level and “grades” of dinosaurs, you will need a more efficient berry collector. There are three to choose from depending on your level. Trikes are the lowest level to saddle and ride, as well as easiest to train. Outsmarting a Trike involves being elevated on a rock or cliff, with about half of their body length between the two of you to maintain a safe distance. Pelting a trike with roughly eight to nine tranquilizer arrows will bring down a level 30 one down and unconscious. In order to efficiently use tranquilizer arrows, space the shooting time to eight seconds between each shot to maximize torpor increase per arrow shot. Trying to use stones is not smart, as it’s just not time efficient. Some other player will likely find you in the time that you are attempting to down the trike, and just kill you and take the dinosaur-based prize. Taming will take at least an hour for a trike. The Stegosaurus and the Ankylosaurus take roughly one to two more arrows, however, the time to train one increases exponentially to up to three hours for a low leveled Ankylo. though a saddle is needed to ride, the trike is highly recommended as a first to train and mount. Once this has been trained and saddled, start harvesting berries in the surrounding area. After the Trike is full, transfer all berries to you and drop all but narcoberries and mejoberries onto the ground or into your stomach. After doing this several times, craft all narcoberries into as many narcotics as possible and use the mejoberries to train the next dinosaur faster. Mejoberries are the preferred berry of every herbivore in the latest patch, and will train a herbivore the fastest until you learn to make “kibble” which is specific to each dinosaur. Do not try to tame a Brontosaurus until you have effective ranged weapons capable of firing the arrows at a long distance, as these large creatures are surprisingly agile for their size and weight.


Once the Trike has been trained, you are pretty much able to train anything that has been knocked unconscious. You can use the Dilos/Raptors to harvest meat and the Trike/Stego/Ankylo to harvest berries. Train a large herd and start building the super pen for your fortress to keep all of your dinosaurs inside. Ankylo dinosaurs are our preferred defense dinos, so if you’re looking to make a small group of them “stay”, keep these at the gate of your fortress to protect you from imminent predators. Remember: dinos fight best in pairs of male-female.

Happy hunting!