According to a post on Twitter by English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe, Chris Owen, the Destiny Beta will be accessible to anyone who has a PlayStation Plus subscription – not just those who have pre-ordered the title.

Given how amazing we thought the Destiny Alpha test was, any gamer should be excited to hear that the Destiny beta test will be played by anyone who wants to test it. Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles will be picking up a hands-on trial that is slated to be twice as long, or longer, than the Alpha phase of testing played out, beginning July 17th.

As an MMORPG and a shooter simultaneously, you’ll spend the entirety of the Beta test playing the last Guardians of Earth, laying in rest under the protection of “the traveler.” Take your time exploring the Earth through quests, adventuring, fighting epic bosses, or in PVP combat inside the Crucible. If you enjoyed these features during the Alpha phase, you should be warned that your time will not cross over into the Beta, but the features inside the Beta are expected to be updated and expanded upon for further testing. You can rest assured that we’ll be there for the party, and we hope to see you as well. You’ve got 23 days to prepare.