So, you’re playing your favorite online card game, but you find your soul is craving something a bit different. Enter Impulse Limited’s “Zems.” Zems is free-to-play, turn-based, collectible card game. Think, the card collection of Hearthstone meets the hexagonal battle of Civilization 5, meets the strategy of Final Fantasy Tactics.

“Zems takes place in Delnoa — a world inhabited by fantasy creatures and a number of factions, where an uneasy peace is held together by faith alone. Among the most powerful factions in Delnoa is the Irulian Empire — a human nation consisting of incredibly disciplined (and well-trained) soldiers known as the Irulian Legion. Some races (such as the dragon-like Phegans) are so powerful that they can each exist on their own without a faction. Others isolate themselves from conflict by making the sea their homes.”

The gameplay will be centered on a hero (you’ll need to keep them alive in order to win) who you will then build followers and spells around to suit the way you would like to play. To access these followers, spells and your hero’s unique abilities, you will need to collect and spend orbs of energy called zems. Complete with a tactical depth that allows you to play with long range units, environmental effects, and various hero skills, Zems seeks to challenge the player and offer the complexity expected of a fun strategy game.

When initially released, Zems will be playable on Windows, followed by Mac and Linux.

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