That’s right, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where what I like to call “Analog” gaming gets it’s day, International Tabletop Day. If you’ve never heard of it before, Tabletop Day is where thousands of people come together, usually in the spring time, to celebrate gaming on an old school level, at the table. This is everything from D&D, to Magic the Gathering, to Warhammer 40k, if you play it on an actual table, it’s all fair game, unless your playing Munchkin…Founded three years ago by one (Among many others) of the biggest names in nerdom, Wil Wheaton, I would name off all the things you might know him from, but I’m sure he’s sick of that by now, so I’ll just say from Geek and Sundry.

How do I become a part of International Tabletop Day you ask? Well, It’s pretty easy actually, all you need to do is at some point during April 11th 2015, play a game of some sort that doesn’t involve your computer, phone, tablet basically anything that uses electricity, except lights, your going to need those. HERESY you say! I know, but that’s kind of the point of Tabletop Day, to get people away from the screens and get back to the more personal level of gaming that seems to be insanely underground as of late. There are going to be tons of local events in your area, so all you need to do is hit up your local gaming store. If you can’t find one, check out the official website of International Tabletop Day and if you don’t have something local, make one! Take pictures, shoot video, draw an elaborate stick figure montage of how your games wen’t and share them on the interwebs via any kind of social media with the hashtag #tabletopday I know, ironic that you would share this on social media about a day of getting away from that kind of stuff…anyroads, if you do end up with pictures or videos, or epic stick figure pictures PLEASE share them on our Facebook, we would LOVE to see how you all did! Happy gaming and GLHF!