Coming to the PS4, Harmonix has announced a reboot of the 2003 beat-riding cult hit, Amplitude. If you’re excited to hear this, you can thank KickStarter which once again is responsible for representing the voice of the people. As of this post, the campaign for this reboot has raised $844,127 of a $775,000 goal – no small feat.

As the game was originally released on the PS2, there will of course be some new aspects added to the formula. Players can expect a shiny updates to the design, new music, local multiplayer modes, and a leaderboard for proving to your friends that you are indeed the best at rhythmic spaceship piloting. However, judging by the trailer, this updated version will have all of the original gameplay and visual elements that made fans want a reboot of this title in the first place.

You’ll be able to play this one on the PS4 this Jan. 5 for $19.99