Featuring a 4/5 star rating with over 750,000+ downloads in the Korean region, Blade is making its way to North America and other markets this year as “Blade: Redemption”.

Developed by Korean team 4:33 Creative Lab, the smash hit title Blade will hit international markets this year with the launch of Blade: Redemption. The real-time PvP action RPG powered by Unreal tech isn’t your run-of-the-mill mobile game, however. With deep and intense game play, Blade: Redemption will take hack-and-slash to another level and is the perfect fit for Dark Souls fans. Packing in 80 single-player missions and 100 challenging bosses in the late-game “infinity mode”, 4:33 Creative Lab is ensuring that casual gaming on mobile is a thing of the past.

Blade: Redemption is set to pack in more than just solo play however, as one-on-one synchronous multiplayer allows for direct challenging of players to test your might, and your earned equipment against the best competition in the world – real people. With development ongoing in the Korean adaptation doubling the scope of Blade, we could look forward to much more excitement to come, and if the cost is anything like its Korean counterpart, we could see all of this for free.

We’ll be covering more on Blade: Redemption with a hands-on at PAX Prime 2015, so keep it locked to PowerLeveled for more information.