It’s as though we are in a constant contest based on our prowess and knowledge as social game
players. Of course we don’t want to let others in on our weakness by airing our dirty video game
laundry. When we lack the attention-span or dedication to get all the way through a game, we
want to bury that deep. Some, however, wave that filthy casual flag high. I’m proud at how awful and inconsistent I can be with games. We as players need to embrace our flaws; they make us human. In an attempt to keep it real and be #relateable, I will share the last few games that I simply couldn’t reach to the end of. Be it because I found them overwhelming, I was distracted, or because I really wanted to play something else, I put these games down. Some of them I ended up completing and for some are still in progress. I present to you in no particular order, the last five games I put down:

1. Punch Club


I have a soft place in my heart for 8-Bit or Retro-styled games that are well made and on the PC.
So, when I was given the opportunity to play this game, I expected to have a good time. I’m a fan of attractive, indie projects an engaging experience similar to Revolver’s Always Sometimes Heroes (a indie/poverty/love epic, check it out here) where I wouldn’t want to put it down until the game was over. What I received was an attractive but ultimately limited and frustrating meh-tier fighting sim. I put it down when I realized I was going to be hearing the same music over and over again with only small variances in gameplay.

2. Devil May Cry


I bought a digital collection of the classic trilogy for a really nice price on the 360. I’m at the very end of the first game and could probably finish it in about thirty minutes. Something about that amount of time really turns me off, however. Also, my time away really takes me out of the moment. It seems like a waste of energy to get into the game again only to have it immediately end. So, for now, I lack the will to complete it. What’s worst about this is I can’t actually move on with the series. I really want to see the improvements in the sequels but I’d never skip a game; I’m not a monster.

3. The Witcher 2

You may be thinking, “What? This was a good game. Why would you put down a good game?”
Reasonable response. Play this game from the beginning and ask again. This has the strangest
and most uninviting beginning to any good game I’ve ever played. It has such a unique and spastic way of telling the story. I luckily didn’t stop where I did and was able to experience this game’s amazing late-game and solid conclusion. When Witcher 2 finally decides what kind of game it is and shows some form of consistency, it’s easy to see how so many people consider this one to be a classic. Still, I put it down.

EDIT: I picked it back up. It was amazing.

4. League of Legends


Because League.

5. Telltale’s Game of Thrones


So, this is one I’m particularly embarrassed about. As someone who is passionately in love with
this series, it really bugs me that I have little desire to gather the energy to pick up where I left off. I started this series, liked it, and somehow lost my place. I was playing, I had to wait a few weeks because of the episodic nature in which these games are released and I simply fell off the wagon. There is a mixture of the lack of replay value because it’s a Telltale game and the fact that I don’t really remember where I stopped.

It’s important to recognize that not every game that someone ends up setting down is bad.
Sometimes life just happens and we’ll have to stop playing something. Consistency is hard and
when it comes to something like playing games, I refuse to let it become something I’m forcing
myself to do. Me though, I’m particularly pretty bad.

Don’t be like me.