If you can’t get enough of the quirky and creative Little Big Planet universe, it’s coming back to Vita in the all-new “Run Sackboy Run”.

This Left-to-Right sidescroller plays out as an “endless runner” style title, tasking you with evading an evil monster that will chase your tail all the while you are picking up bubbles in hopes of a new high score. Using all of the enjoyable and creative mechanics of Little Big Planet, you’ll have access to jet packs, magnetic objects and more to help you along on each journey.

Those dedicating their time to the all-new and less puzzle focused LBP spin-off will use earned bubbles to buy costumes rather than collecting pieces along the way. Costing upward of 30,000 bubbles [maybe more or less], these costumes will give you the flair and purpose while on your evasive adventures. Stickers of course will retain in the coming title, as creativity is the focus of any LBP title. Exclusive items will also be available to those who play on a daily basis – something of a trend with smartphone titles that can help extend the longevity of a title with its addictive tone.

Run Sackboy Run has been developed by Firesprite Limited is available now for the PlayStation Vita handheld.