A new “threat” to the gaming community is attacking Sony, Blizzard and other servers today to prove that their servers are not secure, but according to so-called Anonymous member “FamedGod” [@FamedGod on Twitter] LizardSquad is being counter-attacked to bring servers back online, while Anonymous actually set things in motion.

With information trickling out of FamedGod’s Twitter feed, The PlayStation Network went down from work by LizardSquad, however the source for their data came from Anonymous hacks previously set in motion. Stealing Anonymous memory dumps previously found by Fame, LizardSquad has been counter-attacked, with the promise that Sony’s network will come back online if LizarSquad essentially disappears from the internet.

FamedGod has to this point taken credit for the destruction of the LizardSquad IRC chat channel, taking down their main communication circuit, stating that if users of Twitter report the official LizardSqaud Twitter and it is banned, that the PlayStation Network turns back on.

How do you feel about this hack? Is Sony not secure enough, or are they simply targeted by those who know what they are doing? Why would someone want to attack networks and ultimately hurt consumers? Sound off below.