Published by Warner Brothers Studios, in cooperation with DC Comics, Turbine’s comic book-based MOBA Infinite Crisis is stepping out of the closed Beta phase, allowing for anyone to download and play the game through the last phases of the test period.

Along side the public Beta test launch of Infinite Crisis, coming March 14th, details emerged regarding three new playable champions in the top-tier MOBA title. Users may soon play as Aquaman, The Green Arrow, and Mecha Superman upon the day of Open Beta launch – video features below.

Aquaman is a Melee Bruiser class champion, built to fight in one-on-one combat, and likely to scale into combat well in the early game as a result. As a Power damage dealer, or Attack Damage healing abilities, Aquaman has both the ability to deal intense burst damage or choose a tank style Attack Damage build.

The Green Arrow, Oliver Queen plays out as a highly mobile Marksman class built on a presumably higher degree of difficulty. His kit enables a player to step forward as a true master of the game.

Mecha Superman runs the show with back breaking crowd control, in an Enforcer role. Look to walk straight into teamfights, and peel champions away from your damage dealers as soon as possible.

Just as in the popular comic series tying DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, the Infinite Crisis comic will detail the events leading up to the game – beginning with Batman playing his role as a master detective, suddenly running into Catwoman from one of the Infinite Earths. Going further, DC Collectibles will also produce Infinite Crisis action figures, delivering series one incrementally between August and December. Series one figures include the Atomic Green Lantern, Pajama Party Harley, Renaissance Batman, Mecha Wonder Woman, Atomic Poison Ivy, and Atomic Wonder Woman. Every character is true to their in-game champions, where few characters are yet featured with a premium character skin.

Sign-up for the Beta is available now on the Infinite Crisis website. All users who have been accepted to the closed Beta, and have played Infinite Crisis prior to the launch receive a limited profile badge for their participation.