Logitech is getting ready to hit the world with what they claim to be the “Fastest gaming mouse”, the G402. This new mouse features the record breaking ability to track speeds at 500 inches per second (IPS), which is achieved through Logitech’s new Fusion Engine. The G402 also features 240-4000 DPI change on the fly and 8 programmable buttons to appeal to gamers.



The G402 is being marketed as an “Ultra High-Speed FPS Mouse” but any gamer could pick this precision mouse up for whatever game they want, as there is a lot more under the hood than what only appeals to shooter players.

  • 32-bit ARM processor power “Fusion Engine”
  • DPI 240-4000 with a fifth user custom option via the Logitech Gaming Software
  • 500 IPS constant report rate
  • 8 Button setup all with custom macro/single keystroke availability
  • $59.99 Price tag

Will it be a win? Only time will tell and with the $59.99 price tag something tells me we’ll see quite a few of these out in the wild. It certainly looks cool with its sleek lines and blue lighting! What are your thoughts? Is speed everything, comfort, or is accuracy what all gaming mice should focus on? Are these numbers enough to get you on board? The Logitech G402 is slated for an August release which is right around the corner, but no exact date is available at this point.