As part of an April Fools’ celebration, on April 1st, 2017 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered allowed players to stop just shooting each other, and start hunting each other! With 33% of all active players in the mode at any point, it’s easy to see how people want the mode back.

Based on the popular game mode in Gary’s Mod, adapted for Modern Warfare remastered, players would have two roles in the “prop hunt” game mode. Either Hunt, or be hunted. Hunters served as standardized soldiers, doing their best to look closely at the world around them. The opposing team – they get to be inanimate objects. That trash can? It’s a person. Or is it?

Why The Players Loved It

Players on the hunt have to look for not just trash cans, but trees, cardboard boxes, dumpsters and more and simply ask themselves, “Does that belong there?” Those being hunted had to survive for just 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Over 50 percent of active players over the weekend tried the mode, and many are asking Activision to keep the mode permanently. As a six-on-six match, players on the “prop” team can hide for the first 30 seconds of the 4 minute total match, then the hunters can roll in. Prop players received flashbang grenades for a one-off chance to run, as well as the ability to transform into a new prop twice before the timer expires. Of course props can move as well, which is half the fun – but that’s only if you love to be found or have a laugh. Sorry bad hunters.

As posted by “Ali-A” on Twitter, it’s easy to see the following behind the idea of keeping this mode around.

Nearing 4,000 retweets in a post called on to see favorites? Well over 16,000 favorites (at time posted here). This is a movement.

The best way to see this mode get into the light of day is to let Raven Studios and Activision know that you want it back. Whether it makes its way back into Modern Warfare Remastered again or not, your voices will almost certainly impact the future of Call of Duty. There is not only a good chance, but a solid chance that you’ll be making a difference by speaking up, and based on the input so far, Activision could be bringing this back sooner than you think.