Released last Summer on PCs through the Steam marketplace, the deceptively difficult speedrunning FPS “Lovely Planet” will come to Xbox One within the next few months.


Coming down the pipeline along side other tinyBuild titles such as SpeedRunners and No Time to Explain, the all-new version of Lovely Planet will feature controller support with lock-on functionality, a feature that is now ready for use on all PC versions as well. With merciless game play and a deceptive visual style, Lovely Planet is sure to be a big hit this year.

This release is part of a much larger program in place by tinyBuild as they work hard to scale up porting to consoles within the indie company.

We work with dozens of indie developers around the world, and most of them have a similar need — they want to focus on creating the games, not spending months on integrating with platforms. We would rather have indie devs focus on the creative parts, and leave the platform integrations to us.

The company plans to bring a variety of titles to the Xbox One soon, with the titles above set for Summer of 2015. Can’t wait to get Lovely Planet in your hands? You can pick it up right now on the official Steam store.